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A range of substances accumulate within our homes, including external pollutants and those already present inside the house. The way we go about our domestic lives allows organic substances to enter our homes which, in the presence of moisture, deposit themselves on surfaces.


Spores, bacteria and organic dirt invisible to the naked eye may be found in even apparently healthy environments.

Over time, these bring about the formation of mould, and yet stains, marks and a gradual dulling of surfaces can often be the only the visible evidence of a much greater problem.


Surface purification: any moisture on walls activates silver nanoparticles, which in turn produce ionised water molecules with antibacterial properties.

Even heat distribution: its thermo-ceramic component creates a microporous surface that disperses heat and prevents thermal bridges.

Air neutralisation: anions released into the surrounding area attract air-borne particles that are neutralised as they fall, meaning odours produced from activities such as cooking or smoking disappear completely.

The unique feature of Biotech is the fact its active properties do not diminish over time.

Even the energy from light activates the silver nanoparticles which, when coming into contact with moisture present on the wall, generate antibacterial ionised water with the silver ions.

In the past, moisture presented ideal conditions for mould to grow, but with Biotech it now plays a pivotal role in starting the process of self-regeneration.

With the right colour, your home will be completely transformed!

Biotech is a trusted product, certify by the most important, national and international, certification bodies