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Our bodies are exposed to environmental pollution on a daily basis.

We unintentionally introduce a range of odourless but harmful microparticles into our homes

From breathable particles less than 10 micrometres in diameter (Pm10) known for causing irritation to the mucal areas of the body, to the smallest chemical particles (Pm 2.5, Pm 0.5, Pm 0.3) capable of reaching – and harming – the narrowest parts of our airways.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from paints, varnishes, chipboard, fibreglass insulation, plastic coatings and foam fillers.

Formaldehyde, found in the chemical resins used to bond chipboard and plywood as well as in foam insulation, cardboard glue, coatings and synthetic fabrics.

Pentachlorophenol, used as a fungicide for wood and present in soft furnishings, paper and hides/leather.


Forming a microporous thermo-ceramic membrane that encourages air circulation.

Eliminating pollutants as they accumulate on walls.

Generating anions that purify the air and improve health.

With the right colour, your home will be completely transformed!

Biotech is a trusted product, certify by the most important, national and international, certification bodies