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A fundamental attribute of any productive cycle is the ability to self-regulate.

One prominent example of this in the natural world is the human body and its capacity to keep core body temperature consistent regardless of external conditions.

When the surroundings turn colder, you burn more calories to keep warm; likewise, in a hotter climate your capillaries dilate to increase blood flow and encourage heat dissipation, cooling the body.

Inspired by this mechanism, Biotech replicates a self-regulating system in your very home.

When the temperature remains constant throughout the seasons, the need to adjust your thermostat is removed and energy consumption subsequently falls.

In the summer, external heat is blocked out in order to maintain the temperature inside. With only minimal airflow, such as from an air conditioner or vent, you can enjoy cooler conditions for longer.

During winter months, any heat generated inside the home is reflected back in on itself to retain warmth where it matters.

With the right colour, your home will be completely transformed!

Biotech is a trusted product, certify by the most important, national and international, certification bodies